1) Give to "Bariki Olesingo" through the Wave App. Its icon consists of a penguin waving. After an approval process, this app is useful for quickly transferring money via cell phones in select African countries (including Tanzania). Bariki's # for the Wave App is +255-769-254-646.


2) Give to "Bariki Olesingo Laiser" in Arusha, Tanzania, through Western Union. See https://youtu.be/zgl1Jnu9UCM for basic WU instructions in one-minute. You can email the tracking number to Bariki at basilaba@yahoo.com.

3) See this document for giving to Bariki through YWAM. The delivery process is more lengthy than through Western Union (taking up to one month before arrival to Bariki), but it includes a tax-deductible option. 

4) Below is the information for sending money via international wire transfer to Bariki's bank account, another efficient giving method. This option is also not tax-deductible.

Information for Bariki's bank account below:

December Maasai Crusade

Bariki Olesingo's Email: basilaba@yahoo.com

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